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and keep them happy and healthy with these great treats, chews and supplements. Select products for dental care, skin and coat , hip and joint, digestive health and immune system support.

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The modern world of dog food.... Confused? Well, you're not alone. The vast number of brands and formulas, combined with so much conflicting information that consumers encounter when doing research, has many dog owners feeling frustrated.

At Petzlove pet food store, we specialize in helping you navigate the world of healthy dog food. We research all of the brands we put on our shelves, in order to guide you to the right brand for your dog based on ingredients and sourcing, manufacturing techniques, company history and ethos.

Petzlove is focused on a healthy and a holistic approach to dog food. We recognize each dog’s needs and lifestyles are different. We will help you determine the correct formula or supplements for your individual dog. Whether it be puppy, adult, senior, weight control, small or large breed, the choices seem endless. Petzlove staff will break through all the advertising, labels and packaging to assist you in picking the right formula based on your dogs specific needs, preferences and life stage.

What Type Of Food Should I Feed My Dog?

We are all familiar with dry dog kibble and canned dog food. Most dogs are fed one or the other, or a combination of both, but there are a lot of other options on the market today that are revolutionizing health and nutrition for our dogs. Fresh, dehydrated, freeze dried and raw dog food are all available at Petzlove natural pet store.

Introducing whole food nutrition to your dog’s diet can help eliminate or reduce symptoms of allergies, digestive upsets, joint issues, serious diseases and many other ailments effecting dogs today. Petzlove staff are trained and experienced with these foods, their benefits, and the transitional process.

Petzlove is always here to help advise our clients about all their pets nutritional needs. Come visit our store serving the Denver Metro area located in Lone Tree, Co or schedule a pet food consultation online.