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love your cat

and keep them happy and healthy with these great treats and supplements. Select products for dental care, Skin and coat , hip and joint , digestive health , hairballs and immune system support.

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At Petzlove natural pet food store, we have a wide selection of natural cat food. We specialize in helping our customer find just the right type of cat food for even the pickiest feline. If your cat has special needs we can recommend a diet or supplements to help with most situations including hairballs, excessive shedding, allergies, thyroid and kidney issues. Latest research indicates that cats need high moisture, high quality, meat based protein diets for optimal health and wellbeing. Petzlove knowledgeable staff can help you with your cat food analysis and find the right food for your cat’s individual needs.

Types Of Cat Food We Carry

Our cat food product line ranges from gourmet cat food for the kitty connoisseur to simpler formulas for the less discerning pets. We stock dry, canned, freeze dried, fresh, raw and dehydrated natural cat food. Petzlove staff can help guide you through your options to choose the right type of cat food. Introducing fresher, less processed whole foods into your cat’s diet is one of the best ways to ensure the overall health and vitality of your pet.

Our selection of natural cat food includes Lotus, Nutri Source, First Mate, Taste of the Wild, Fromm, Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Origen, Acana and many more.

Our canned food selection includes Weruva, Tiki Cat, Dave’s, Natures Variety, Natural Balance, Nutro, Fussie Cat and many more.

Fresh and raw cat foods include Primal, Sojo’s, Stella and Chewy’s, The Honest Kitchen and Rad cat.